What is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence?

Created in 2010, the Certificate of Excellence recognizes the businesses of the hotel industry that constantly offer an excellent service. This distinction is given to establishments that consistently obtained excellent traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. The establishments that obtain the Certificate of Excellence are businesses from all over the world that continuously offered a superior experience to the client.

Who is eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence?

Accommodations, restaurants, airlines, vacation rentals and attractions from around the world are eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence.

How is it determined who receives the Certificate of Excellence?

To determine the winners of the Certificate of Excellence, we use a variety of user-generated content. That includes the ratings of opinions, the general rating and the quantity and timeliness of the opinions. To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, a business in the hotel industry must:

  • Own a general TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five;
  • have a minimum number of opinions; and
  • have a profile on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months.

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Publicado el 03-01-2018